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10 types of kisses and their meanings

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Kisses reveal much about the intentions of your partner, especially on first meeting and earlyrelationship in general. Signals that are transmitted through your kiss can sometimes be confusing, so these tips may help you identify his feelings and intentions:

1th Kiss on cheek – This is a polite kiss. Can mean several things, depending on the person how long do you see it. The first meeting may mean that your partner is testing situation does not act aggresive. In this case it may mean that you need to initiate a real kiss in the mouth.

2th Quick kiss – a kiss such as this in a new relationship usually means “I like you” or “it was fun.”Especially people who practice it are not very verbally express their feelings.

3th Kiss with open eyes – If you notice that others do not close their eyes when you kiss, it means that he is more an observer than a participant in the situation. Don’t sweat much about it.

4th Kiss with your eyes closed – This kiss is receptive. When you close your eyes, your sense of touch are amplified and therefore can more fully enjoy the kiss.

5th Not engaged kiss-you feel like the other person is less committed to kissing you? This may be a sign that she is preoccupied with other things, so kiss like this does not lead anywhere.

6th A full mouth kiss – eyes closed, and kissing is slow. This shows that the two enjoy their physical interaction. If you kiss someone in this way, move on.

7th French kiss – kissing with open mouth, at which languages are fully engaged. This is a sure sign that a person feels passionately and not restrained in terms of physical connection you have with you.

8th Travelers Kiss – Kiss This is the type that starts in the mouth, but continues to travel to various parts of the face and neck, and then down. This Kiss, “intends” to excite you and usually leads to much more than kissing. If you aren’t ready for sex, you better stop partner.

9th Indecisive Kiss – This kiss can suggest that the person is shy in the physical interaction or is not sure how you would react. In any case, your response will depend on whether the kiss will continue and will be repeated many times.

10th Kiss seized – His face is pretty down on your, so you feel more pain than pleasure? This is a sign that the person has no clue what he was doing. Therefore, you should try to be nice and give it clear that we should reduce the intensity.

So next time you go to a meeting, assess the feelings and intentions of your partner, kiss on the basis of who will share with you. Who knows, maybe it will be crucial for the future of your loving plan.

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