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Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows

When I first noticed that the issue of this month’s Libertas Magazine was Sex, I thought, “Oh my, most of the things I talk are about sex” and it came to me, SEVERAL themes to write about it. Therefore, it’s really easy  to me to

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10 best movies (regarding sex)

We are all aware that movies play a big part in our lives. In a short period of time, many new directors appeared with  countless ideas which they reflected on to the big screen. But one thing they all know is that sex really sells.

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Get laid or die trying

What is sex? -A need? -A breed? -A seed! Sex needs: -A place? -A face? -A phase! What is sex? In correspondence to the natural contemporary belief , sex is nothing but a temporary solution to dissolve misery into mystery and intense perspiration. People, whatever

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Strange way of living; one man loves another man, a woman is married to another woman, debauchery, lack of morality, technology, poverty and wealth, wars, old crafts and abstruse businesses. I am scared of the time we are living in, the people you can not

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Sex talk

Sex is the only topic I don’t mix with philosophy. There is nothing philosophical about it, there is nothing… And yes, there is no positive or negative thinking about sex, there is no thinking…  The beginning of the movie 500 days of summer tells us: