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Strange way of living; one man loves another man, a woman is married to another woman, debauchery, lack of morality, technology, poverty and wealth, wars, old crafts and abstruse businesses. I am scared of the time we are living in, the people you can not

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Sex talk

Sex is the only topic I don’t mix with philosophy. There is nothing philosophical about it, there is nothing… And yes, there is no positive or negative thinking about sex, there is no thinking…  The beginning of the movie 500 days of summer tells us: 

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All problems when young people talk about SEX

I was staring at this blank page for hours… I didn’t know what to write about this taboo theme because I didn’t know what the most important question was. I did a kind of investigation and realized that a lot of people wanted to talk

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Sexual orientations

It takes time to understand who you are and who you are becoming. Part of that understanding includes a person’s sexual feelings and attractions. A long time ago it was accepted that there was only one type of attraction – heterosexual attraction. A heterosexual, or